Level diplomatic passport in Vietnam representative agencies abroad


The order of execution​ 

Name step

Description step
​1.​​Get Profile​​Applications filed at the headquarters of diplomatic missionsconsular offices of Vietnam in foreign countries (hereinafter referred to as representative offices).
Time and result recordsthe working day prescribed by the Agency representatives(except for holidays, holidays under the provisions of the host country and the holidaysNew Year’s Day as prescribed by Vietnam ).
​2.​​Considering settlementAgency representatives receive dossiers,consider and resolve.
​3​​Returns results​​Get live results at the headquarters of the agency in accordance with receipt records.


Ingredients Profile ​ ​

Ingredients Profile
​1.​​01 declaration form 01 / immigration issuance of diplomatic passportsofficial passports.
​2.03 identical photographssize 4x6cmtaken on a light background,with straight eyes and bare headno colored glassesplain clothes,taking no more than 01 years, including 01 photos and 02 affixed to the application form attached photo.
​301 copies of documents sent abroad under the provisions of Article 4of Circular No. 02/2013 / TTBNG dated 25/06/2013 of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, guiding the grantingrenewalamendment and supplementation diplomatic, official passports and diplomatic levelsvisa applicants for cases referred to in paragraph 1paragraph 3 and 4 of Article 16 of this Circular.
4​01 copy of the decision or notification by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or management agency news agencies and newspapers of Vietnam state resident abroad about changing positions for the case referred to in paragraph 2 of Article 16 Circular No. 02/2013 / TTBNG dated 06/25/2013 of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, guiding the grantingrenewalamendment and supplement of diplomatic passportsofficial passports and diplomatic level applicants visa
​5Diplomatic passportsofficial passports have been issued or reported lost passport application certified by the authorities in the host country.
Number of recordsOne (01) item.​ ​
Form, declaration form​ ​