Is Indonesia in Vietnam Visa Exemption list 2019?

There are more and more foreigners come to Vietnam for visiting and working purpose day by day, thanks to its beauty and easy movement between Vietnam and many countries. Although some foreigners when entering Vietnam need to apply for a Vietnam visa, Vietnam also has a policy that allows citizens from some countries enter without […]

Do Indonesian citizens need to apply for Vietnam Tourist visa 2019?

When going to any country, you need to apply for a visa, and Vietnam as well. Entering Vietnam with visiting purpose requires you to have Vietnam tourist visa. So what is Vietnam tourist visa and how to apply for it? Vietnam Visa Service Fees In Indonesia Do You Know 6 Months Or 1 Year Visa On Arrival […]

5 year Vietnam visa for Indonesian citizens 2019

One of Vietnam visa Indonesian passport holders can apply for is 5 year Vietnam visa. In what condition you can apply for it? Do You Know 6 Months Or 1 Year Visa On Arrival To Vietnam 2019? What Will Happen If You Overstay Vietnam Visa? Vietnam Visa Extension For Indonesian Citizens 2019 Besides Vietnam visa on Arrival with […]

Where to find Vietnam Immigration Department?

Because you are a foreigner, when entering Vietnam you need to find out Vietnam Immigration Department’s address for necessary situation. Do Indonesia Citizens Need A Visa To Vietnam? Vietnam Visa Fee In Indonesia 2019 Foreigners in general and Indonesian passport holders in particular are sometime required to be present at Vietnam Immigration office for their visa […]

Vietnam Visa Extension for Indonesian citizens 2019

Before your Vietnam Visa expires, you need to get it extended. So how to get Vietnam Visa Extension for Indonesian citizens and how much does it cost? Vietnam Visa Fee In Indonesia 2019 Vietnam Urgent (Rush) Visa After getting Vietnam visa Indonesia and enter to Vietnam legally, people tend to ignore the Vietnam visa limitation. This may […]