05 Common Mistakes with Vietnam Visa On Arrival and How to Avoid

In brief, Vietnam visa on arrival is a process of obtaining the pre-approved visa letter (visa approval letter) through a travel agency in Vietnam to check in at the departure airport and pick up the actual visa stamp at an international airport in Vietnam upon arrival. Who are eligible Most visitors to Vietnam require a valid visa to visit the country and are eligible to apply for […]

Vietnamese holiday – special experience for foreigners

Traveling to any countries all over the world when locals celebrates their cultural festivals will give you special experience. About Vietnam, this is a cultural and ancient country, there are a lot of holidays and festivals held around the year. Are you wondering about the time to visit Vietnam Choosing a day that Vietnamese people […]

8 best beach resorts in Vietnam travelers should experience

Vietnam is now the among the top resort paradises in Asia thanks to long stretch of white sand beach and tropical weather. Vietnam’s beaches are surprisingly overlooked. The coastline sweeps in an S-shape from China in the north to Cambodia in the south. Coming to Vietnam to visit beaches, you can not miss a chance […]

Traveling to Vietnam: Do you need a visa to go to Vietnam?

Accompanied with the increasing of people going to Vietnam every year, one of most common questions that we hear several times is “Do you need a visa to go to Vietnam?”, because foreigners wanting to visit any countries all need to apply visa, but sometimes there has exempted situation. After answering Is it safe to […]

Is Indonesia in Vietnam Visa Exemption list 2019?

There are more and more foreigners come to Vietnam for visiting and working purpose day by day, thanks to its beauty and easy movement between Vietnam and many countries. Although some foreigners when entering Vietnam need to apply for a Vietnam visa, Vietnam also has a policy that allows citizens from some countries enter without […]

Do Indonesian citizens need to apply for Vietnam Tourist visa 2019?

When going to any country, you need to apply for a visa, and Vietnam as well. Entering Vietnam with visiting purpose requires you to have Vietnam tourist visa. So what is Vietnam tourist visa and how to apply for it? Vietnam Visa Service Fees In Indonesia Do You Know 6 Months Or 1 Year Visa On Arrival […]

5 year Vietnam visa for Indonesian citizens 2019

One of Vietnam visa Indonesian passport holders can apply for is 5 year Vietnam visa. In what condition you can apply for it? Do You Know 6 Months Or 1 Year Visa On Arrival To Vietnam 2019? What Will Happen If You Overstay Vietnam Visa? Vietnam Visa Extension For Indonesian Citizens 2019 Besides Vietnam visa on Arrival with […]