What are requirements of Vietnam visa from Thailand?

Do Thailand citizens and foreigners in Thailand need to hold Vietnam visa to enter this country? There are many kinds of visa and rule that you need to know detail about requirements of Vietnam visa from Thailand. Do Thailand nationals need a visa to visit Vietnam? Fortunately, Thailand citizens are not needed a Vietnam Visa […]

An overview of Vietnam visa extension in China

Vietnam Visa Extension in China will focus on extension information about Vietnam Visa for Chinese citizens as well as foreigners in China. There are many reasons that foreigner traveling, working and visiting relatives or entering Vietnam needs a visa to enter this country and stay for long time. Because Vietnam visa is issued with limited period so […]

How many Vietnam Embassy and Consulates in China?

As China is a very big country so there was a Vietnam Embassy and many Vietnam Consulates all over China. We will give you all the address of Vietnam Embassy in China. The information about Vietnam Embassy in Beijing, Guangzhou, Kunming, Shanghai or Nanning, China and the guidance on how to apply for Vietnam visa from […]

Address of Vietnam Consulate Perth and Vietnam Embassy in Australia

Australian citizens and foreigners living in Australia can apply for Vietnam visa in person at Vietnam Embassy/ Consulates. How about people living near Vietnam Consulate Perth? This article will show you address of Vietnam Embassy in Australia, especially Vietnam Consulate Perth. View more: Is it easy to apply Vietnam visa in Australia? Can Australian citizens […]

What is the address of Vietnam embassy in Malaysia?

The information about Vietnam Embassy in Malaysia and the guidance on how to apply for Vietnam visa from Malaysia for the applicants who are staying or residing here. It also instructs people getting a tourist or business visa to Vietnam within 36 hours or even 2 hours. Address of Vietnam Embassy in Malaysia Address: No.4, […]